• 13’  (3960mm)

  • Portable with optional mobility kit

  • Powerful 10 ton Pulling towers

    • 360 degree pulling

    • Multiple pull capability

    • Variable angle control

  • Scissor lift optional

    • Powerful electric hydraulic lift

    • 6600 Lb. vehicle capacity

    • Adjustable working height for technician convenience up to 42”

  • Effective vehicle clamping

    • Zero movement unibody clamps

    • Optional clamping available for Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Ferrari, Range Rover….

    • Optional truck clamping kit available

  • Optional pit style installation

  • OEM approved

Mark 6™ Speed and BenchRack™ installed at ground level will enable your shop to increase its productivity without sacrificing floor space. An excellent alternative for shops that want the clear floor design and or with limited space.

Quick, simple, and easy – a system your technicians will love.


803 Kb