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Approved by OEMs around the world

Car-O-Liner® is proud to have close partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide.

OEM approvals - official endorsements from original equipment manufacturers - confirm that our products/systems, service and training have met their requirements and quality standards.

Our partnership with OEMs covers a broad spectrum:

  • Customer confidence - Our OEM approvals give our customers confidence by knowing that the products used to repair their vehicle meets or exceeds OEM criteria for collision repair, an important factor for success for every body shop

  • Technological advances - are achieved through the extensive testing of collision repair systems, hardware, software and processes together with our OEM partners

  • Compilation of the world's largest vehicle specification database, Car-O-Data® allows us to make quick and accurate repairs

* Not all Car-O-Liner products are approved by all OEMs. Ask for details.

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