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The very first Car-O-Liner® universal alignment bench and mechanical measuring system was launched in 1973 under the new company name Car-O-Liner®. Car-O-Liner's® name comes from a joining of "car of aligning" - Caroliner and "Karoliner" after Karl XII's (1654-1718) soldiers who were known for their offensive attacks. The fledgling Car-O-Liner adopted the blue and yellow of the Karoliner's uniforms and is to this day known as an aggressive leading competitor in the collision repair industry. The name Caroliner was changed with the growth of the export to the USA in the early 1980s due to the similarity to the states of North and South Carolina and became Car-O-Liner.

From 1976 to 2002 subsidiaries were opened in the USA, the UK and Germany. Car-O-Liner® was registered as a manufacturing company in 1987. Expansion continued to China and Thailand (2002) and India (2003). Car-O-Liner® is represented in nearly every country in the world.

Born a leader and continues to lead the Auto Body industry with high quality equipment that is OEM approved by nearly every car maker in the world.


A long development phase was begun in 1976 with the release of the Car-O-Data® vehicle data on CD-ROM. In 1991 the first Car-O-Tronic® electronic measuring system was launched to great success. The production of the spot welding equipment in Kungsor began in 1999 and the Speed bench was introduced in 2000. In order to meet the OEM requirements, Car-O-Liner® developed the EVO Universal Fixture Kit in 2012, which remains unique to this day and is now required by many OEMs. Car-O-Liner® continues to lead the path in product refinement and development for the collision industry worldwide.


Vehicle repair and damage analysis. Precision, wireless, complete upper body, suspension and data on nearly 20K vehicles.


Robotic Welding and Machine Milled to 0.159mm Average Tolerance For Precision Measuring and Vehicle Repair


Ingenious design eliminates the need to rent or purchase dedicated fixtures. EVO is universal meaning it can be used on any vehicle any time. Huge cost savings owning over time versus dedicated fixtures and greatly improved cycle times.


Today, Car-O-Liner® continues to thrive, developing the world's highest quality and versatile equipment. In 2018 Car-O-Liner® launched a new spot welder - The CTR®9, which set the bar for others to follow. The most advanced spot welder on the planet with power and technology that will take it well into the future. Also introduced was the CMI300 MIG/MAG welder with innovative digital display controls that make set up a breeze. The story will continue with innovation, technology and quality that is uniquely Car-O-Liner®.

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Pacific Collision Equipment Co. Started doing business as a Car-O-Liner® distributor in November of 1990. Starting with only two employees and now has grown to twelve with full time service technicians, sales staff, office support and a full time training center.

"We are committed to providing extraordinary customer experience through superior quality equipment, service and training"

40 Years of History


Approved by OEMs around the world

Car-O-Liner® is proud to have close partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide.

OEM approvals - official endorsements from original equipment manufacturers - confirm that our products/systems, service and training have met their requirements and quality standards.

Our partnership with OEMs covers a broad spectrum:

  • Customer confidence - Our OEM approvals give our customers confidence by knowing that the products used to repair their vehicle meets or exceeds OEM criteria for collision repair, an important factor for success for every body shop

  • Technological advances - are achieved through the extensive testing of collision repair systems, hardware, software and processes together with our OEM partners

  • Compilation of the world's largest vehicle specification database, Car-O-Data® allows us to make quick and accurate repairs

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